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Do you do arts and crafts with your kids, or have arts and crafts as a hobby ?

How many of you enjoy arts and crafts as a past time ?
It seems that some of the more “old fashioned” crafts have been relegated to the older generation. Can you knit ? Can you do needlepoint ?

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10 Responses to “Do you do arts and crafts with your kids, or have arts and crafts as a hobby ?”

  1. ANGELA W said:

    I knit, spin, felt, quilt, crazy quilt, work part time as a textile artist making art quilts, sew, paint, draw & involve my kids a lot, my 5 & 4 yr olds are learning to use the sewing machine, my 15, 14, & the younger 2 can all knit.

  2. joyous said:

    I started scrap booking about a year ago – really enjoy it!!

  3. cymraes_y_cwm said:

    I used to do art and craft with my boys, but now they’re 22 and 24 they don’t seem interested 🙁
    I work in a school and craft is my speciality. At the moment, I’m making bags with yr 3/4 children, cards with ys 2/3 children and art for the urdd (that’s a Welsh thing) with yr 5/6
    At home, I knit and do needlepoint, sew and make cards.

  4. rustybones said:

    My children are grown so I craft with my grandaughters. I have taught my daughters how to sew, knit, crochet, X-stitch, paint, embroider, scrapbook, etc……. Now, I’m teaching the younger ones!
    I love crafting and enjoy teaching others how to craft.

  5. grandmadarcy said:

    We are crafty at our house….and we work with the children we babysit to do crafts also. Then we work with crafts in VBS for our church. I sew, crochet, bead and even dabble in computer crafting. Lately, I have loved making cards with stuff around the house….ribbon, buttons, flowers etc.

  6. Nicci C said:

    Yes I can knit, crochet, quilt, patchwork, bead, cross stitch, embroider, tapestry, have a go at a lot of things. Try to pass on my skills to children either at sunday school, of primary schools and to the local children in the neighbourhood. used to run a craft club at my old church.
    My son who is now 20 has had a go at a lot of crafts and is now wanting to have a go at making a quilt and is quite happy to sew on his own buttons! He has inspired me a number of times to try something new!
    It is upto the older generation to pass on their skills so that they are not lost.

  7. mariner31 said:

    Yes, I do (13 & 18 yr old daughters), and I look forward to when my new-born grandson can hang out with Grandpa on the model railroad !!

    The girls have gotten into stained-glass, and love to do cross-stitch with their Mom. PLUS they enjoy working with DAD on the railroad or out in the shop building furniture.

    The eldest daughter BUILT a captains-bed for herself and her sister… AND built a crib for her son.

    We’ve also done some shearing, yarn-spinning, and felting from our goats (California). We have chickens and pigs in the Philippines, and the youngest has started doing “Russian” style dyed-eggs.

  8. Charlie D said:

    i think its sad to do arts and crafts get a life gud luck with everything just saying what i think xxx

  9. Amy said:

    I’m into all sorts of arts and crafts, and len library books on the subject by the bucketload! Knitting, sewing, felting, make jewellry, cosmetics…. I think though parents should be focusing on healthy eating and outdoor pursuits in this obese age…

  10. alison said:

    i do all sorts of crafts and am currently teaching my daughter how to crochet.. which she loves.


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