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Does anyone have any good ideas for cheap storage for lots of Arts and Crafts Materials ?

I have lots of Arts and Crafts Materials, with very little space, as I live in a one bedroom flat, and very little money. I’ve tried the usual cheap plastic boxes but so many little bits and bobs its hard to keep it accessible and in one place. And its driving me mad, as I have to try and dig stuff out. Any ideas I would be grateful.

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16 Responses to “Does anyone have any good ideas for cheap storage for lots of Arts and Crafts Materials ?”

  1. Sumeraine said:

    I got one of those plastic carts from Target that has several drawers & is on wheels so I can stash it in my closet & pull it into the room when I need it. Some of them are expandable as well. Here’s a link…

  2. Y!Arnlady said:

    If you have closet space, you can get a hanger shelf. See link. I also have found that the shoe storage containers work well. I use the cubby hole kind, and re-use TV dinner plates, foam meat trays, and many other containers that everything comes packaged in.

    I have also stacked dozens of cereal boxes on their sides and taped them together with duct tape. They make wonderful shelves, and are lightweight and easy to move around, with the trays (described above) in them.

  3. Weezilmom said:

    How about using cubes? (for instance, college dorm cubes or similar). This way, you can stack them, and put the smaller boxes inside them and still have access.

  4. Rach said:

    i am the same as yourself, i have loads of arts and craft stuff, i got a load of cardboard boxes all the same size put names on them, ones for paper or card, another for all the embossing equipment it handy its cheap and if you put all the boxes on top of each other it only takes up one corner of your room.

  5. Val said:

    I bought a couple of –3 drawer plastic see throu units from B&Q think they were about 7pound each I got them last year though —you can always check them out -got them for same purpose as you they are really good and compact

  6. speechy said:

    empty clean pringles cans: Label on the lids
    gallon Ziploc bags, hole punched and placed in three ring binders
    empty altoids tins

  7. Molly B said:

    Keep tiny stuff separate in old (CLEANED) pill bottles, or ice cube trays. If you’re lucky, you can find ice cube trays with lids. You can put these into larger plastic bins and stack them, or put them in drawers, etc. just remermber to label, label, label.

    I find cookie tins are good for storage, also. They last forever, and are super cheap the week after Christmas.

  8. Kimmy said:

    you could get big storage bins that stack but for the little stuff organize them in ziplock bags

  9. sarahz said:

    get bigger plastic bins and have smaller ones inside for your stuff. get some bed risers and store it all under your bed.

  10. Mommiedearest said:

    Have you seen the cloth shoe holders that you can hang on a door. This could help you with some but label the openings as to what you put into it. Get some small plastic bags to the the items in to seperat them.

  11. hasicit said:

    if in uk try £shop they do 2 suitcase sized underbed storage polythene with a zip in a pack .you guessed it for a £1

  12. spiritania said:

    I have a pin board on the wall with see through plastic bags [small freezer bags] i store all the toppers, bits n bobs on the board, so i can see wot i have and wot i am short of.

  13. RJ said:

    I would get the zipper plastic bag type holders or the ones you can sqeeze the air out of and place under the bed, they are also clear so you can locate what you want pretty easy. Take care.

  14. Tifferz said:

    Use a cork notice board to display smaller embellishments etc on the wall (keep the stuff in its original packaging or buy those resealable clear plastic bags) … your stuff is tidy but also visable so you can easily see what things you’ve got :).

  15. sanych2garine said:
  16. badri624q said:


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