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Does anyone have good sites for Crafts with the Elderly and handicapped?

I work in a Carehome as An Activities Organiser,
I am finding it hard to include everyone in the crafts we do as many of them have Arthritis, And one man is very visually handicapped,
So any sites with suitible crafts would be appreciated.

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4 Responses to “Does anyone have good sites for Crafts with the Elderly and handicapped?”

  1. everybody loves chris! said:

    i do the same kinda thing and we use a company called smithcraft. they may have a catalogue online im not sure
    but we get things like pot pourri boxes, leather purses, baskets to weave, sun catchers, etc they aint bad priced either and simple to do!
    mind you most of the old birds prefer to play bingo with buttons these days!

  2. janedo772003 said:

    just like to say that the word handicapped is no longer an exceptable word

  3. hardyk112 said:

    I used to work in an elderly nursing home, we used to play bingo with them, they seemed to really enjoy it.

  4. yarnlady_needsyarn said:

    Here is a site that has some good ideas:

    My elderly parents choose to sit at the computer nearly all day and play online games and answer questions on Yahoo Answers. They play suduko, family feud, wheel of furtune, etc.

    Physical activities are not important to them.

    You should ask your clients what _they_want to do.


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