How can I build a barbie house ?

There are many Barbie houses in the market, but most of them are too small for all the accessories and furniture and a bigger Barbie house is too expensive. Building your own Barbie house will be the answer to all of these. The great thing about making your own Barbie house is that you can apply desired decoration and as big as you need.

Building a Barbie house is very easy with the right tools and materials. First, prepare cardboard, bookcases, brushes, paints, glues, saws or knife, carpets and wallpaper. Then, figure out how big you want your Barbie house to be and how many rooms and floors you need.

You can use plastic bookcase with the number of floors you desire, remove the shelf and place it beside your Barbie house to make an adjoining floor. Pull together the bookcase according to the direction. Install the carpet in the floor, cut the carpet to size and glue it. Next, make side and back walls from thin wood or cardboard. You can use the same materials to make interior walls.

Install wallpaper on all walls. You can use scrap wallpapers or you can use any colored paper of your desire. After you finish the wallpaper installation, you can start cutting holes for doors and windows. Install wall from cut cardboard to the bookcase with a glue and screw wood walls to the bookcase. Wedge in the wood or cardboard for the interior walls.

Remember to check the shelves of your bookcase’s height for the Barbie to stand up and you have enough room for the accessories. Also consider the size of the doors; it should be big enough, appropriate for your Barbie’s height.

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