How can I carve a flute from bamboo ?

One of the most popular wind instruments is the flute. A flute make it sound from the with running through its hallow tube with a series of holes for fingers, to manipulate the keys. The most common material used in making a flute is bamboo, for it already has the hollowness needed and only needs a little carving. It is very easy to make your own flute using a bamboo stick. Prepare tools like pencil, oven glove, pliers, sand paper, fine drill bit, linseed oil and a saw and you are ready to make a musical instrument of your own.

First, determine the part of a bamboo stick to cut for your flute. An ideal diameter for a flute is three quarters of an inch and twenty inches in length. Make sure that when you cut, you leave the other end closed with fibrous tissue blocking it; this naturally exists in bamboo joints. The closed end of the bamboo stick will serve as your blowhole of your flute.

Take six inches measurement from the blocked end or the blowhole of your flute and mark it with pencil. Continue taking an inch measurement and marking it with pencil until you have seven marking for your blowhole and finger holes on your bamboo stick.

Heat about half inch o your metal rod’s end until it is red hot and insert it on the open end of the bamboo stick. Push the metal gently inside the flute burning the fibrous tissue inside to make a complete hollow. Remember not to push to hard opening the closed end of your bamboo stick. Then, hold the drill bit with pliers and heat the end until red-hot and burn holes in the seven markings that you made. Clean up the edge of your hole with a rolled up sand paper. Apply linseed oil to make your finish project last. If you are not satisfied with the sound your flute makes, you can make the hole larger by twisting rolled out sand paper.

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