How can I dry gourds ?

Gourds are often used as decoration because of their distinctive appearance. You can use it fresh and will last for months. If you want to do more gourds, you can dry them and turn them into fascinating displays or use it as a birdhouse, bowls or table decoration.

It takes six month to dry gourds. However, before you dry your gourds, make sure to wash them with a mixture of water and bleach to get rid of fungus and bacteria that can destroy it. You can also hang your gourds to prevent the base from getting rotten spots. If you cannot hang your gourds, you can place it in a wooden board, but make sure to flip it from time to time to ensure all sides receive proper air circulation. Gourds should always be on a well-ventilated area to dry out any excess moisture.

If you want to check if gourds are already dry, try to shake them gently. Gourds are dried and ready if you can already hear the seeds inside. Gourds are very fragile while they are drying; be gentle in handling as they are prone to soft spots.

Gourds become very hard after it dries and ready to be carved or cut. You can wash them often or brush them to remove dust without damaging it. You can choose to paint or stain dried gourds or even use it as a birdhouse as it is very resistant to any type of weather once dried.

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