How can I fix leather cracks ?

Leather is flesh that has no capabilities of healing but you can strengthen it. If a leather cracks, you can smooth it to look vintage and it will still be functional however, the cracks remain. Fixing leather crack is very easy. The materials you need are shoe dauber, leather restoration cream, mink oil, smooth, large spoon, glycerin saddle soap and a dryer sheet or silk.

Start by brushing off unwanted particles and dirt on the leather with a shoe brush. Wash it with glycerin saddle soap with a shoe dauber on your hands. You can find a glycerin saddle soap in a tack shop. You do not have to soak it through, but if you are working on old shoes or belt, you have to work on the saddle soap to make the leather flexible. You can stuff newspaper inside if you are fixing a leather shoe to make the job easier.

After the saddle soap, let the leather thoroughly dry naturally. You will find it dry but creamy and the flexibility of it will remain. Daub the cracked part of the leather with mink oil paste and you will see that the cracks lessen its depth. Lay the leather on a flat surface if you are working on a belt makes sure that the stuffed newspaper is tight for shoes.

Treat the leather with desired conditioner once you are finished with the cracks. If you are working on upholstery, use a conditioner that contains moisturizers. Do not treat leather with shoe polish, use shoe cream to make the cracks blend on the entire item and no longer be visible.

If you are working with a thoroughly cracked item, dryer sheet or silk cut it an inch larger than the crack on all sides and apply leather glue on the item. Ease the cut out onto the item with a spatula while the glue is still wet. Push the crack until both end meets and let it dry before you apply mink oil.

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