How can I hem my pants ?

Hemming pants can be easily done by hand or machine. Most of the time, hemming pants is used for slightly long pants or sometimes, to put a distinct look or add style on pants. The basic hem is very simple, or if you feel like a professional, you can add a different color or ribbons to give your pants edge.

The process of hemming pants is pretty much the same, regardless on what you want to do. The first step is to determine the desired length, you can do this by wearing the pants and ask someone to pin it for you on where you want the hem to fall. Make sure that the lengths are even. You can look in a mirror to see if you are satisfied with the length of the hem. You can also it with a shoe on. Then, gently take the pants off and turn it inside out, so you are looking on the inside of the pants. Make sure to press the hem before sewing. It will make it easier to work with and you can see if the pants are evenly pinned.

It is best to leave about two inches of fabric to work with, If it is more than 2 inches, you can trim the pants first. Fold the raw edge over, so it would not hang out to irritate your ankles or legs.

Decorating your pants is very easy. You can do this by simply setting a ribbon on the hem or using a thread with blending colors. Make sure to use a strong needle so it can penetrate all the fabric layers. If you are hand sewing, you can hide hem by creating tight stitches.

After you finished the hemming, you can turn the pants right side out and check the stitches. See if you evenly sewed the pants, it should be smooth and have clean, even stitches. See if the fabric is equally distributed. If so, your new hemmed pants are ready.

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