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How can I make a birdfeeder ?

Wildlife comes out to play in springtime; birds will be looking for food to feed their young ones in the nest. Let us help them by providing them a place to get their food. A little effort is all we need for materials needed is already available at your own home. The things we need is a gallon milk jug, one small dowel, small funnel, glue, scissors and any items that you can use as decoration like markers, stickers, leaves, flowers or glitter glue.

You can start by washing the milk jug thoroughly and let it completely dry. Cut holes on both side of the jug, you can use the jug’s texture as a guide to cut your holes. Now, make a smaller hole under the first hole that you just cut. The small holes are for the wooden dowel where the birds can seat while eating at the feeder. Insert your wooden dowel on the small holes all the way to the other side of the jug.

Decorate the jug with materials available, you can ask for some help from your kids in decorating the feeder. If you used glue, let it dry first, start pouring the bird food inside the jug with a funnel, and seal it if you are done. Remember to supervise you kid while they decorate the bird feeder, especially when they handle scissors and other tools and materials that can harm them.

Finally, choose the best location for your bird feeder. Make sure it is not too low for birds might get scared with others at their level. Place it high enough for you to reach if ever a refill is needed. You can place it in your back porch so you can watch the birds visiting your feeder.

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