How can I make a Lei ?

A lei is a garland of circlet of flowers, shells, leaves or other items worn around the wrists, ankles or neck. The most famous lei are the Hawaiian lei made from fresh flowers. Polynesians also makes leis for special occasions. It is fun to make leis for a luau or other parties.

The two types of leis are permanent leis and fresh leis. A fresh lei uses flowers and leaves and should be made on the day that they are worn. On the other hand, permanent leis use feathers, bones, teeth, shells and other item that will not decay easily. As such, permanent leis are often used in museum displays.

It is quite easy to make a lei with fresh flower materials. Anyone with experience in beading or sewing can definitely make one. You will need a long needle to make a lei but a carpet needle will do. Pick a strong string for your lei and you’re ready to go.

Common lei materials are orchids, cigar flowers, plumeria and mock orange or any fresh smelling and decorative products. The shape of the flowers will also be considered, there are flowers that are better strung from end to end, through the stems or from the very bottom in an alternating pattern. Proper styling is needed to keep the flowers shape.

You can start making a lei with a big knot about two inches away from the end of the string. Start stringing the flowers, move them down the length of the string, while properly spacing them with one another. Leave a few inches, make another knot and tie both ends for a neck lei. However, you can also directly tie the lei if it is designed for the ankles or wrists. You can also make a lei using the traditional stringing, knotting vines and leaves or sew a lei on a firm foundation.

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