How can I make a memorabilia clock ?

If you want a functional home décor and make you remember good memories, why not create your own memorabilia clock? You can tell time while going back the good stuff he you experience with someone or somewhere. Everything you want on the face of your clock is up to you, like photos, theme and memorabilia.

To make your own memorabilia clock, you will need a plain clock, pen, card stock, papers with pattern, memorabilia, photos, adhesives, decoration of your choice and scissors. You can use and old clock that still works or you can buy one that you can pull out together to get in its face.

First, remove the clock part. Make sure to remember how to put it back together, or you can take notes of it. You can purchase clocks that you can easily alter in scrapbooking stores or crafts shops. Use the clock’s glass cover as your outline’s size. Make a cut out from a card stock with the same size as the clock’s cover. Stick memorabilia, layers of papers with the desired patterns and photos as you create scrapbooks but with a round shape. You can just use photos that you want and anything that can remind you of something fun. Make sure that you attach all your stuff in the clock evenly to avoid hindrance on the hands of the clock.

You will definitely have fun doing this project. Play with photos to make it more fun and meaningful. You can position pictures on the clock’s numbers, make photo collage with picture layers or just a single enlarged picture to cover the whole face. Place some decorations on the outer side of the clock as well.

Once you are satisfied and finished with your clock’s face, punch a hole in the middle of your layout for the clock part. Lay your work on the clock’ face and put it back together, make sure that everything is working properly before you close the clock back.

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