How can I make a scripture scrapbook ?

Scripture scrapbook or faith-booking is adding scripture in a scrapbook. It is not like creating a scrapbook, but making an album as well, so you will need general supplies and knowledge to complete this project. To make a scripture scrapbook, you will need a seven by seven album, scrapbooking supplies, pen, bible, lined paper and pictures.

The first step in making a scripture scrapbook is planning the album. A seven by seven album is highly recommended for you can attach four by six photos in it along with your verses. Then, you should consider how your album to go like an ABC verse or a picture with a verse. The album’s style is up to you.

After you figure out the kind of album you want, you can start choosing the pictures for your scripture scrapbook. It is best to have the picture first before the verses so you can easily match it. This method is also time-consuming for you are able to put the correct verses on the right picture. After you get all the pictures, you need to mark them with numbers on the back.

You can now start matching your pictures with verses you like to use. Then, get your lined paper and write the number of your pictures along with the verse you attach on it. Just write the book for now and not the whole verse. This may take some time to complete for there are many verses in the bible to choose from.

After organizing the pictures along with verses that goes with them, you can put the album together. Like in a regular scrapbook, scrap your album’s pages, set it up with your desired background, photo and the verse. Now, write the verses word for word. You can have your verses handwritten, printed from a computer or write it just somewhere in your album page.

If you are finished with your project and want to switch or change pictures, make a plan first and you will find it easy. Scrapbook is how you want your page to look like and scripture scrapbooking is just the same. Once you placed all your pictures and verses, you can enjoy your scrapbook from with scripture.

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