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How can I make a stunt dummy ?

If you do not have the budget and you want to make your own stunt dummy, you do not have to worry, for making one of your own is very easy with spending less than twenty dollars. The result is guaranteed to satisfy all your cliff jumping, fighting and car crashing needs.

The first step is to buy an old manikin in a clothing store; some of them actually just give them away. You need just the manikin’s torso in making your own stunt dummy. If they gave out the entire manikin, a little amputation would not be much trouble. Next, visit a costume shop for wigs and Styrofoam head. Clerks may find it strange due to the rare request if you ask them to buy one of the heads. Again, some of them gave this item free.

Next, you have to stuff the limbs; remember not to make the arms and legs over stuffed that they cannot move. You can ask some upholstery shops for they scrap foam they are about to throw away. Do not hesitate to ask them for it; because it is you who is giving the favor.

Tape the head securely on the neck, if you need you stunt dummy to look more realistic, you can put mask on the face but normally a regular hat can do the job. Apply tape to connect the legs and the shoes and fill latex gloves with air and tape it to the sleeves, you can add cloth gloves if you want a different color for the hands. Now, stuff the pant legs and sleeves with the foam you gathered.

Finally, give your dummy the wardrobe of your choice, securely tape it to the torso, and keep them in place. Now you have a life-like dummy strong enough to be thrown from high windows. Remember to bring a tape to reattach shoes and heads. They are more like to fall off from several stunts.

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