How can I make an etched glass vase ?

You will need a little creativity in making an etched glass vase. You can use a clear plain glass vase in your home or find a cheap glass in a second hand shop. You will also need some special supplies and little effort to accomplish this task. you will love etching almost everything once you finished one. The materials needed to etch a glass vase are etching cream, vase, printed computer pictures, craft knife, Popsicle stick, vinegar and clear contact paper or stencils.

First, make a stencil from computer picture and plastic, a great place to get pictures to reproduce is clip arts. Tape down a plastic on a computer picture and cut it with a craft knife. Always remember that the cut out parts are the ones etched into the glass. Make a design on the glass vase with a resisting gel for freehand designing. Simply put the gel on the places where you do not want the etching. You can buy stencils from a craft shop for a cheap price. Pre-cut stencils come in different designs that you can choose from, same as the etching cream. Make sure to ask if the etching cream that they offer is reusable.

Use vinegar to clean your vase and dry it with soft fabric. Then, tape your design to the vase and apply etching cream generously. Be sure to evenly cover the entire vase. You can apply the cream with a craft tool or Popsicle stick’s edge. Read the etching cream’s instruction on the amount of time needed before washing or scraping the cream off from the stencil. If etching cream is reusable, you can put it back in the bottle to reuse.

If you are working on a continuous etching design, you can start all over. It may take many repetitions to get the desired effect. Take measurements if you are working on a repeated pattern to have even spacing. Wash the vase with water thoroughly when you finished the project and sue it as you please.

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