How can I make beaded bracelets ?

One of the great past time is making bracelet from beads, this activity if fun and suitable for children. Beads come in varieties design, color, substance and texture. You will definite find the style that you really like. Bead bracelets is also a good gift to a friend or loved ones, they will feel very special if you can make it personalized.

In making a bracelet from beads, you will need scissors, string, twine or stretch magic and of course, beads. Creating a bead bracelet takes a lot of time and patience as well. You can start by choosing the beads that you like. You can mix or match it with different kind of beads like wood, plastic or glass beads to make your bracelet more appealing. It is best to think of the person whom you want make the bracelet for to help you decide about the style and designs.

Before you string the beads, lay it first to make sure you have them in proper order. Then, you can string the beads. You can have the other end of your string connected to a roll to prevent them from falling and roll away. If you are sing beads with letters, make sure you spelled them out correctly and you can add some regular beads to add more flare on the bracelet.

After you strung all the beads, you can cut the other end attached to the roll and tie of the ends. Make sure you have enough string to tie the ends. If you are using stretch magic, you have to make a double knot. The reason is that stretch magic is slippery and bracelets may fall off from your wrist. Regardless of the string you used, it is better to make double knot to be sure.

Finally, trim own the excess string and you have a bead bracelet. You can hide the knots of your bracelet if the holes in your beads are big enough or you can get locks especially made for bracelets and necklaces in any crafts store near you.

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