How can I make Color-chunk pillar candles ?

Color-chunk pillar candles are very easy to make. To make these kinds of candles, you will need pillar candle molds and wax dye. A variety of shapes and sizes of pillar candles are eye-catching decorations at home or at the altar.

There are several steps needed in making a pillar candle. The first and most important step is making the color chunks. The process may take several days since you cannot make the pillar candle until it hardens. Melt a part of paraffin wax, with the amount of your desire, then color the wax using wax dyes. Do this several times with a variety of color and make sure you have give enough time for it to harden. Do not use your cooking pans in melting the wax because it will be impossible to remove it after hardening.

You can use old ice cube trays or an old cookie sheet to make the color chunks. You can use any container of your desired shape for the color chunks and let the dyed wax harden. Now, you are ready to design your color-chunk pillar candles.

The shape of the pillar candles depends on the mold that you will use. First, create an interior collection of your desire and fill the mold with color chunks. Then, fill up the gaps by pouring white wax onto the pillar candle mold. You can design your pillar candles by making cut out shapes of colored wax and sticking them on the inner walls of the pillar candles.

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