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How can I make my own 3d space picture ?

Most parents want all the help they can get in assisting kids who run around the needs in making a 3D space model for their school project. It is very easy to create a 3D space model; all you need are some tips and the right materials, such as newspapers, glue, small paper sack, clear coat varnish or fixatives, tape, square or heavy cardboards, paint and cardboard tubes.

Lay the newspapers out onto your workspace to keep your floor protected. Place the heavy cardboard on the center of the newspapers. Attach crumpled newspapers, cardboard tubes and inflated paper sacks in your heavy cardboard using a tape or glue. Make sure to plan the positions of your materials before you permanently attach them to your heavy cardboard. Then use a small amount of tape to see how you want your shapes and objects appear on your background.

Allow the glue to dry before you continue to work on your project. Depending on the kind of glue you used, it may take a whole day for your model to dry completely. You can now paint your cardboard and make it come alive. Paint the heavy cardboard black or dark blue to shape up the planets you would attached to your background.

Paint your shapes attached on your background to make it more alive and visible. Remember to be on a well-ventilated area when you are painting, especially when using spray paints. After you let the paint dry, apply a coat of varnish or any fixative to protect your work. Remember to use craft glue to affix your space junk instead of super glue. If you want you 3D space model to function as a mobile, you can attach your planets through strings. Encourage your kids to give suggestions and inputs while making the project to make them feel involved.

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