How can I make my own soap ?

It is fun to make your own soap; it may not be cheaper than the one that you can buy in the store, but it sure worth it. Soapers or soapcrafters are terms coined for people who make their own soaps. You should first consider the price of the ingredients needed before making one.

Before you make your own soap, gather all the ingredients necessary. The basic soap is actually the combination of fats and lye like hemp or coconut oil. The process of combining lye and fats is called the cold process. You will also need water, oils, colorants, and other additives. You will need a container for mixing, melting and shaping the soap. The last thing will be patience, for it takes six weeks to complete the process.

Start by dissolving lye in cold water; make sure to pour the lye in the water since it might explode if made the other way around. Stir thoroughly, add the oils, and stir again until all ingredients are well mixed. The solution will start to thicken. After a couple of hours, you can add the fragrance and other additives. Once it hardens, let it seat for another three weeks before using the soap.

You can also make your own soap using a ready-made product such as glycerin. You can melt it in a microwave and add your desired fragrance and coloring. Once the ready-made soap is melted, you can pour it in a molding container and cut. The same aging process is also necessary before using the finished product.

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