How can I make Potpourri ?

Potpourri is a mixture of fragrant leaves and flowers displayed in a glass, used commonly as adornment at home. You can buy potpourri in stores, however, the fragrance is not anymore authentic. It is very easy to make your own potpourri with your own design and a fragrance of your desire.

You can get potpourri recipe from a book or experiment with your own combination of fragrances. making potpourri requires trial and error; make sure that you have a notebook to record the ingredients you used to avoid repetition. The main ingredients for a homemade potpourri are dried leaves or flowers, spices or herbs, essential oils and fixatives. Dried flowers actually shrink, make sure to get at least four cups so you can make a full cup of potpourri.

In choosing the essential oil for your potpourri, remember that flowers already have fragrance on them. As such, get oils that will compliment the fragrance of your ingredients. Spices and herbs is a great help on your potpourri mixture. To release the fragrance of your potpourri, add about one tablespoon of spices and herbs for best results.

Fixatives help homemade potpourri keep their scent for a long time. Use at least one-tablespoon of fixatives for every cup of potpourri. After the mixture is complete, store your potpourri in a close container for two to three weeks, allowing the ingredients to penetrate. If your potpourri loses its fragrance, just add drops of essential oil to refresh the scent.

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