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How can i turn my art and crafts hobbie into a business or career/job?

I already have a degree in art, speacializing in painting and printmaking. Does anybody know of any usefull links, forums or groups.

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6 Responses to “How can i turn my art and crafts hobbie into a business or career/job?”

  1. stepup1895 said:

    Try selling some of your work on eBay and learn sales and marketing. That way, you can sell and get an idea of what the market wants.

  2. tnt4all said:

    it takes a lot of elbow grease.
    doign shows.

    contacting galleries.
    portfolio exhibits.
    calendar companies – pharmacutical co often pay artists.
    write articles –

    create new worthy events/stories around your ark work – what makes it different/unique. etc.

    good luck

  3. hana woo said:

    have a go at setting up a personal website, perhaps an ebay shop or something. i think you can open an ebay shop if you have regular stock so get working and you’ll be earning in no time! good luck! xx

  4. Miki M said:

    Yes, you can. A business plan needs to be fleshed out of your product, your goals and the direction you want your business to go. You can get a complete business plan guideline right here on the net. After you have completed your business plan, you will better understand which direction and the next step. For an example: Years ago, I painted figurines, pecan shell resin. I sold them a craft shows, and set up a booth at the mall. I sold but not enough to live on. I met a lady who offered to sell my figurines at her shop. I closed my booth and set up a display at her shop. I went to her store and painted in the store to generate interest in painting, figurines and lessons. I also went to the Merchandise Mart during an event for my kind of products and took several of my completed pieces. There were several large what-not stores there interested in my talent and offered me contracts worth several hundred of thousands. But for me the terms were not possible. However, I did come across several small places that offered to maintain my display and merchandise, sending me a check for the pieces sold and would accept new replacement pieces. Monthly I would go and renew my display and make changes to the inventory. I continued with craft shows as well but in time there was a general lack of interest in my pieces and so the life of that merchandise was complete. I moved on to another craft.

  5. Heriberto Regusters said:

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  6. Noble Granholm said:

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