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How can I waterproof a canvas ?

If you want to know how to waterproof a canvas, there are actually several ways to do it. Raw canvas already has some water-resisting components on it, but if canvas does not undergo waterproofing, it allows water to seep through it, causing mildew to build up.

You can use spay-on that contains fluoropolymer formula to waterproof your canvas. Evenly spray the product on the canvas and let it dry. You can try to check if the canvas it waterproofed by hanging it and tossing a bucket of water on it. If it did not work, dry the canvass and spay on it again. Make sure that the spay-on that you use does not include silicon because most of the canvas has acrylic fibers that break in contact with silicon.

Another way to waterproof canvas is brushing it with petroleum-sealant. Spread the canvas, apply the sealant and let it dry. You can apply it several times on a canvas, petroleum sealant lets the water run through the canvas. Again, you can toss a bucket of water to check if the canvas is already waterproof.

Make sure that you do the waterproofing outside or in any well-ventilated place for any treatment contains fumes whish is bad for you. There are substances that can also damage flours or wooden furniture. Be aware that waterproofing is temporary; you might have to repeat the treatment over time.

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