How is leather carving done ?

Leather carving is a type of leather work where pieces of leather are cut using fine tools to create a design or pattern. Leather carving can also be combined with other leather crafting methods like burning or stamping to add unique designs in the project. Carved leather is known to be “tooled”, because a tool was used to create the shape out from raw leather. Usually carved leather can be seen in belts, saddles, shoes and other leather crafts, and it can also be used as an individual piece of art.

The leather being carved needs to be moisten a little using cloth or sponge dipped in water to make it swell and easier to cut. Moisten leather are called “cased”, which is known to be very delicate. In should be handled with extreme caution for even a light pressure of a fingernail can leave a mark on it. There are many tools that can be used in carving leather, after carving the leather is allowed to dry.

Dried leather needs to be oiled in order to keep it shape. There are some leather crafters who paint or dyes leather after carving, making it more unique. A burning tool can also be used in adding an etched design to it for additional style. Stamping is also used to add intricate and astonishing designs in a leather craft. Stamping used another piece of leather and pressed into the base leather, the compression will stay once the leather is dried.

Vegetable tanned leather is the best type of leather to use in making carved leather craft. This is because the tanning process lets the leather absorb water easier in the process of casing. Furthermore, the leather that will be used should of high-quality. Top leather can take extreme carving no matter the depth is.

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