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Please Help – what type of art/crafts are you most likely to buy?

I am trying to gather information on what type of art you are most likely to purchase? whether it is for yourself or as a present. photo’s, painting, sculpture etc? ,

Also any theme/subject/style that makes you more likely to buy?
thanks for your time 😀
thanks but i mean what type or art as in, to look at, display, give as a gift, art that is complete nit art materials – sorry if that was unclear

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9 Responses to “Please Help – what type of art/crafts are you most likely to buy?”

  1. fall3n said:

    sketch pencils, pads, crayola magic clay

  2. Em said:

    I generally feel most justified when its something beautiful but useful too, for example the last thing I commissioned was a leather bag. I think its a shame more people don’t realise you can often get something unusual made for you for about the same price as a shop bought mass produced one

  3. siaeeda said:

    if i buy something to give as gift something which means something to us, cheap and small though like a little figurine, vase statuette, if it is for myself, a scenery picture i dont like modern art but like pictures of landscapes peaceful, that sort of thing, so rolling valleys, warm seaside (with no one on it),secluded beaches with lagunes anything like this.
    if we are on holiday we will get a suvernier of the place like sahara you get a desert rose or a camal statue, spain a little picture of where we visited etc

  4. amybeader said:

    Hand made jewelry, but not super fancy. I like things that have an identifiable style. I buy fantasy jewelry and art. One of my favorite jewelers is Marty Magic, you can see her work at I have a lot of her work, and in fact our wedding rings are dragons made by her. I also have her dragon ear wrap, and several ear cuffs and pendants.

    I also like jewelry that has a simple setting that emphasizes the stone, or the glass (I adore dichroic glass jewelry, you can Google info on what dichroic glass is). I collect dichroic glass barrettes and necklaces.

    My other favorite type of art or craft is hand painted or dyed silk. I have several pieces of art clothing that are hand painted or dyed. Silk is a fabulous textile.

    I will also sometimes buy other items, such as hand made plushies. Also paintings/prints usually with a fantasy or animal/bird theme (I love snow leopards, cheetahs and cougars, so such animal-related art will catch my attention.)

    And I also like one particular type of vintage arts and crafts, that’s vintage Japanese kimono, which of course are textile art. I have a huge collection.

  5. sorren149 said:

    I go for anything to do with Art Nouveau. I’ve bought paintings, patterns to engrave, stitch etc. Just crazy over the movement.

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