What are the techniques in polymer clay ?

Polymer clay is a craft material used in making figurines, vases, miniature models, jewelries and beads. Polymer clays comes in different pastel colors, translucent and bold colors, which look like glass when harden. With simple techniques, you can make almost endless projects from polymer clays.

To start with your polymer clay project, you need to prepare wax paper, rolling pin or any glass cylinder, glass metal or wood object, sharp knife or a toothpick for cutting the clay and of course, polymer clay in different colors. You can get polymer clay in any craft shop near your location. Polymer clay comes in a variety of brands; you can read the instructions if you are having a hard time what polymer clay to choose.

Have your working space ready, it should have a flat surface. Lay out a wax paper to make your workspace easy to clean, especially if your working space is on a table or a desk. Then, position your tools where you can easily grab them even without looking at it. There are tools specifically made to cut and roll polymer clays but you can definitely improvise. You can use a glass bottle with a flat texture to roll your clay and a sharp knife or a toothpick to cut.

You can mix polymer clay together if you want a different color for your design. Connect to polymer clays, cut both surface, and securely press it together. If they fall off while baking, you can use a glue to attach them together. If you are working on a large project, you can conserve clay by making an aluminum foil base to be covered by a thin layer of polymer clay instead of creating solid clay.

The baking normally takes about fifteen minutes under three hundred degrees depending on the thickness of your project. You can read the baking instructions that go with your polymer clay to be sure. Remember to allow the baked polymer clay to cool completely before handling.

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