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What could arts and crafts activities could i do with adults with a learning disability?

I’m doing some work with young adults with learning disability; I want to come up with some arts and crafts activities.
I have already come up with:
-Making jewelry/bracelets
-Biscuit decoration
-Fashion shows (making clothes etc)
-Christmas themes (card making etc)
-Halloween theme

Anything else?


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7 Responses to “What could arts and crafts activities could i do with adults with a learning disability?”

  1. waltzing matilda said:

    You could make tibetan prayer flags, where you write a wish on your flag and paint it colourfully.

  2. Deb G aka The Mumdertaker. said:

    make wind chimes and dream catchers, sour dough christmas tree decorations.

  3. darren m said:

    Civic Currency as ties in with mathematics. This in addition to job preparation programs as a way to help if no work or Unemployment money is there or if a Gov cuts of welfare.

  4. elica1kelly said:

    You can make anything that a person who doesn’t have a disability make. What about doing some cross stitch or needle work, or what about some mosaic. I have a learning disability and I have done all of the thing I have said.

  5. Elizabeth S said:

    Look through the Michael’s craft store website for ideas. They have the crafts ranked for difficulty, too.

  6. sallybabe22 said:

    LD adults can do most of the same things that non-LD adults can do. Generally, you just need to fine-tune the directions or adapt the nature of the project.

  7. cheekymonkey said:

    papier mache
    paint picture frames
    scrap booking
    make candles
    make soap
    make masks

    Take a look at the magazine stand near your home. There is a section arts and crafts. Pick up a couple and use them for inspiration.


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