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What do people think of my website – selling natural crafts for kids?

Just gone online and need feedback on product range and website – only serious responses pls

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4 Responses to “What do people think of my website – selling natural crafts for kids?”

  1. Strange. said:

    I like your website. Very much so.
    I espcially like, “Princess Wooden Jewellery Box”.

    Its very cute.

    I really like the ‘old fashioned’ craft ideas and the natural craft goodies.
    Good on you.

    I’m saving it in “Favourites”.

  2. Debi said:

    Wonderful! Pay no attention to your first response! You have a wonderful selection and nice products. What a novel thought….back to the good old days! I miss coloring!

  3. Kacky said:

    It’s nice! Just a couple of things from an old veteran of e-commerce:

    Xmas should be “Holiday”. Christians don’t like the abbreviation, and Jewish, Muslim or atheistic customers stay away from stores that might be trying to push Christianity.

    Also, I find that “we” instead of “I” makes you look more established.

    And last, on things like the Create your own Princess wooden jewelry box, you may want to vary the font or just call it “Create Your Own Princess Box” and then specify later that it is a wooden jewelry box. Use the fonts and punctuation to force them to think it in their head with the inflection that you would speak it.

    Good luck with your site!

  4. strek-artn said:


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