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What do you think would be more popular, a weekend drama club or a weekend crafts club for kids?

Votes please!

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10 Responses to “What do you think would be more popular, a weekend drama club or a weekend crafts club for kids?”

  1. Gadget_nano said:

    ummmm tough one maybe it would be safer to do a crafts for kids cuz people would get stage fright and there is many things that would happen with a drama club so i vote for the Crafts Lol hope i helped a lil

  2. Jay T (UK) said:

    My son (8Years) would go wild for the arts and crafts but then all kids are different…maybe mixture of two??

  3. Bear said:

    crafts club for kids would be best not all kids want to get on stage but all love to do crafts .

  4. kimba20136 said:

    Really depends on the age you’re looking to work with.
    Younger than say 10, I would go with the arts and crafts
    older I would say the drama.

  5. James E said:

    drama kids can express themselves and be silli and also creative crafts can be done at home

  6. Annette C said:

    I would say a crafts club!

  7. fatima35121 said:

    I would go for a craft club and I know that my three girls would love to do something like that instead of doing drama’s. With doing the crafts it gives kids a feeling of accomplishment and they learn how to make different things for their family.

  8. Pat C said:

    Definitely go with the crafts. The children would learn new skills and maybe make something that will be useful. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up. Not all children can act, but all can learn a simple craft. The web has a wealth of craft ideas for kids. Look at these sites.
    This site has really inexpensive craft kits to purchase for the kids to put together.

  9. Babo's Bird said:

    The only thing I’d say is that kids can do crafts at home, but they need a club for drama. Drama is increasingly popular these days – most of our friend’s kids seem to do drama of some sort or other.

  10. nanna_e said:

    You have to go with crafts.My 3 yr old grandson loves helping me when im doing my cards.Theres nothing better for kids than getting the glue and glitter out and all the other bits and making a master peice.


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