What is a blind hem ?

Blind hemming is a kind of stitching to avoid the fabric from unraveling, but cannot be seen on the right side of the fabric. This type of stitching is often use if you don’t want arrow of stitching on the fabric. A great example of blind hemming is skirts, dresses and window curtains that are usually hemmed on the bottom with blind hemming. There are fabric materials that require blind hemming, some lightweight fabrics like voile or organza seems to look better without the rows of stitches along the fabric.

Blind hemming has two types; the one used for stretchy fabric and the other is for regular fabric. The simplest form of blind hemming is the one for regular fabric. This method requires a zigzag stitch and three straight stitches, repeated along hemming. On this method, only the zigzag stitch goes all the way through the front layer of the fabric, the other three straight stitches only goes on the backmost of the fabric. The result shows only the very top of the zigzag stitch.

The other method of blind hemming is used for stretchable fabrics. This method includes three small zigzag followed by a big one repeatedly along hemming. This method allows the fabric to stretch without snapping the thread, the stitches straightens along with the fabric.

Blind hemming is possible, by either hand or machine. Blind hem can be very hard on machine, for the sewer needs to have full control on the sewing machine. There is sewing machine that is capable of hemming only the stretchy fabric while others are designed for all kinds of hemming. Blind hemming in a sewing machine requires a specific foot called the blind hem presser foot. This tool is located underneath the needle, and the one that holds the fabric as you sew.

In hand-sewn blind hemming, ensuring that the needle only gets small amount of fabric on the surface requires precise stitching. Blind hemming by hand is difficult to see if done correctly, even more difficult than a machine sewn blind hem.

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