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What is a rib knit?

A rib knit is a piece of clothing produced using a method of knitting pattern that yields a distinct vertically ridged pattern called ribbing. There are numerous advantages over a straight stockinette stitch, which make the rib knit a well-liked choice by anyone who wishes to create clothing from sweater to socks. The knit combines two essential stitches, the purl and the knit, and is very simple to make. Many knitters discover the rib stitch early on in their crafting careers and many manufacturers incorporate it for visual distinction and sturdiness.

When a rib knit is created, it is done by alternating strips of stockinette-stitch and reverse stockinette. A stockinette-stitch is a common knitted stitch, which resembles a little pattern of Vs running in a garment. If you are wearing a knit garment at this moment, you can perhaps look down and see an example of stockinette-stitch. Many knitters call stockinette the knit or right side, and reverse stockinette the purl or wrong side.

To create a flat swatch of stockinette-stitch, a knitter knits on one row and purls, knitting on what will become the correct side and purling on the wrong side. The result is a strong, durable knit, but it has a possibility to curl at the edges. This can be especially irritating with scarves, which may gradually become almost tubular over time. Therefore, many people choose a rib knit, which does not curl.

When a rib knit is created, the knitter takes some knit stitches, followed by several purl stitches, and so on for row ending. Then, the knitter reverses the outline, making a ribbed pattern. Since ribbing pulls together a little, it tends to be used at the garment openings, especially socks, as it helps garments stay on and in shape. A full rib knit garment similar to a sweater will also tend to widen to accommodate wearers of various sizes.

To create a very simple rib knit scarf, try making twenty stitches and knit two, purl two to the row ending. Go over the pattern on the next row, and so on until the scarf has reached the wanted length. You can insert horizontal strips by using diverse colored balls of yarn occasionally, and after you join off your rib knit scarf, you can add an edging or other decorations if desired.

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