What is embossing ?

Embossing is used to create an artistic pattern on materials such as wood, metal, leather, fabric or paper. You can raise the pattern depending on how embossed you want it to be. Consumers interact with embossed product on a daily basis, from notarized products to book covers. Embossing have been around for a long time as an artistic technique, with many artifacts from leather belts to metal decorations that show signs of embossing.

There are numerous ways to emboss an object. Some use hand held tools to stamp a pattern in the object. This gives a unique design that cannot be copied. This style of embossing usually used for customized projects. Heat and dry embossing method both used for hand embossing projects. How the finish product will look like depends on the artist.

Another method of embossing is with the use of a roller or a die. A die embosses one material at a time but can be use repeatedly, while rollers are used for embossing continuously like leather manufacturing with a uniform embossment. In both rollers and die, the pattern is carved in the material in reverse, so that the pattern will appear in correct form if the die is pressed against it.

Embossing can also add a great deal of costs in printing. This represents a different run through the press unless an ink will be used in a die. Most often, materials in print use blind emboss which mean that there is no ink used in embossing. It is important to ensure that the die is registered correctly in using blind emboss to mesh the ink pattern that are product first.

Public notaries and officials use hand held embossing stamps for their office document markings. It is very difficult top forge am embossed pattern, this make a marking very distinct. Many specialty supply companies make hand held embossing stamps, and they are very to use. This will also come in handy for personal profession markings like in books.

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