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What is flocking ?

The application of any kinds of material or fibers that have adhesive or another material is called flocking. It is possible to use flocking in varieties of application. The most common flocking application is seen in christmas trees where it is usually decorated with pink, white or sometimes blue snow. This can easily be accomplished with the use of colored spray paint providing a distinct look in the tree.

Flocking types may differ depending on the kind of material or fibers and method used in flocking. These types are roll-to-roll flocking, automotive flocking, object flocking and graphics flocking. Flocking can be as simple as the process of spray painting with adhesive materials made from tiny fibers on objects like the Christmas tree, or it can be compound, changing the design and texture of the object it is applied to.

For example, graphic flocking is a process of designing shirts, stationeries and other materials of the like. Perhaps the simplest form of graphic flocking is the logo application on shirts. Alternately, T-shirts with their range of graphic designs are flocked T-shirts. It will be easy for you to identify the shirt’s flocked and unflocked area. Most t-shirts with graphic design usually have rubbery texture on the flocked part and maintaining the design may require precautions when washing them.

Object flocking can be done by attaching a certain object to another, may it be large or small. A great example is a lipstick tube with small designs on the outer part or a furniture with adornments attached to it. Besides providing a distinct look in an object, flocking can also give durability and sturdiness. Most of the time, when you flock an object, adding extra layer of fiber on it can accomplish all these three.

In any case, flocking is still a way to change the feel, look, or durability of a variety of products, both commercially produced and homemade. You will find flocking supplies in almost all craft stores, and many stores offer great tips and books on how to flock successfully. Another great source of information on flocking; especially at the marketable level is the American Flock Association.

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