What is papercraft ?

Papercraft is a type of craft that utilizes paper in creating 3-dimensional objects such as sculptures or models. In respect to the Japanese wherein papercraft originated, some people call this craft as “pepakura”. However, unlike origami that is made through bending and folding paper, papercraft is done by cutting cardboard or paper and pasting it back together.

The art of papercraft vary largely. It can be small or large, simple or elaborate, depending on the maker. Just like most crafts, papercraft is easy to learn; some schools even teach basic papercraft to children. While a papercrafter does not have to be a genius in mathematics, papercraft can explain basic math more easily. However, advanced papercraft can truly enhance a person’s math abilities while making it a fun learning experience.

When paper sculptures are done, some can become extremely elaborate with designs such as planes, boats, trains, building and replicas of sculptures. For extreme papercraft hobbyists that add moving parts to their masterpieces, these works of art usually end up in museums and are definitely worth seeing.

Some papercraft use cardboard, wood or stiff paper as a base to support 3D objects, ensuring the pieces would not collapse. These pieces of paper are then textured, dyed or even painted to add life to the artwork. Some papercrafters cover the object in protective coating to make it sturdier and avoid possible warping.

Freehanding papercraft, those made without a pattern to follow, requires design skills for the craft to work. Some people use design software to create the patterns for them, producing one-of-a-kind three-dimensional papercraft designs, which can be easily printed out.

Papercraft is an affordable hobby because anyone can buy the tools used, such as scissors, glue, tape, dye, paint, stamps and cardboard. However, a razor knife designed for paper-cutting can help since these kinds of devices create clean and precise lines. For manipulating extremely small pieces, tweezers can help you while working.

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