What is patchwork ?

A needlework method that pieces small materials together to create a bigger piece of fabric or garment is called patchwork. A great example of patchworks are quilts and skirts. While patchwork was developed using scraps to repair older garments, it has evolved into a form of art in some countries around the world. Some very gorgeous examples of patchwork are shown in museum collections, or in private homes, where they pass down quilts through generations.

There are many different patchwork styles, ranging from crazy quilting to block quilting. Methods like block quilting are arranged very carefully, repeating patterns to create a broader finished textile, while crazy quilting is freehanded, with pieces of all various sizes and shapes being sewn together. The finished product may have additional decoration like appliqué, embroidery and other accents, depending on the craftsperson’s desire.

In quilting, patchwork is the method used to create the top layer of a quilt. A batting layer is positioned between the patchwork and a sheet on the quilt’s bottom, or patchwork may be used to create both outer layers. The pieces of patchwork are attached with thread line that breaks the quilt into several small parts, making sure that the stuffing stays evenly distributed for the quilt’s life. In some cases, the quilting may be done with tufts attached with even intervals, to create the same effect.

Garment can also bloom out of patchwork, particularly jackets and skirts. While patchwork may also be related with hippie garments, it appears in fashion shows and runways, mostly in satin, silk and velvet. This patchwork is very much different from materials made from well-loved fabric, but made in the exact same way.

Due to the immense manual labor involved in hand-sewn patchwork, it tends to be more expensive. Hand-sewn patchwork takes a heirloom form which as a result, treasured. You can also use a sewing machine to create a patchwork, and most of quilters nowadays use sewing machine to ensure clean and even stitching as well as to save time.

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