What is round knitting ?

Knitting in the round is a knitting method that involves joining a set of stitches and working them in a circular way to make a seamless tube of finished material. It is also known as the circular knitting, referring to the circular nature of knitting in the round. In many nations, this method is used for all kinds of knitting, while in others it is less popular.

In order to create circular knitting, special needles for knitting are required. Normal or straight knitting needles normally have a small bulb on one end to avoid the yarn from sliding back and forth. Needles for knitting in the round have double point, which enables the knitter to work from either side. Three to four double pointed needles are used to make a rough circle, while an additional needle is used to work the piece. Sometimes, you can also use a circular needle to do the task. Many knitters prefer circular needles, since they are less bulky to use instead of double pointed needles.

The knitter begins by casting on the desired number of stitches, and then joining them together so that they shape a complete circle. It is vital to ensure not to twist the stitches, as this can cause irregularities in the finished product. Once you joined the stitches, the knitter is off on a project. Methods like ribbing, cabling and lacework can all be done while knitting in the round, and it is often possible to revise a pattern designed for straight knitting so that it can be made using a circular knitting technique.

Due to the continuous cycle the knitter is working, it should always go from the right side of the knitting. This means that the knitting does not have to go alternating between purl and knit stitches to make a stockinet pattern like in flat knitting. When you have to create a hole like in a sweater or gloves, you can do it by working in pattern or temporarily knitting the part and reopen the holes later.

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