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What items can I use to decorate stationery ?

There are many different ways available to decorate stationery. From either stock cards or craft paper, you can create extravagant stationery using craft items such as metallic pens, rubber stamps, scrapbook stockers, markers and glitter. You can also use decorative scalloped scissors and hole-punches to make shaped patterns and edges that will make your stationery more decorative. You can even create multi-dimensional styles and designs using foam tapes.

Tie raffia through glue bows or punched holes created from raffia onto a card. Calligraphy or stylized handwritings are also a great way to spruce up your stationery. You can even make original borders around envelopes or stationery by using a sewing machine. Stencils that come in different shapes are very easy to use in decorating stationery as well.

Another items used to decorate stationeries are dried flowers and leaves. Daisies, pansies, petunias and violas squeezed into a book to make flat-faced, dried flowers are a very good choice to decorate stationery. It is best to use papers with colors that compliment your flowers. Place the flowers on the paper using a thin layer of glue. Make sure to be gentle using these sensitive items. You can use toothpicks or tweezers if you are handling delicate items to maintain their form.

You can purchase rubber stamps individually or in sets in a wide range of designs shapes and themes. It is very basic when you use stamps for decorating your stationery using a single color ink or incorporating other techniques. Relief printing is comparable to rubber-stamping; the only difference is that relief printing uses ink raised in the surface then rolled onto a paper.

You can use vellum paper overlay, pressed with cotton to create and stunning stationery. Embossed paper is good to create special accent and effects. You can even create pressed cotton cards using terra cotta cookie molds with pressed water and paper. Make it even more elegant using filigree paper, which uses narrow strips of paper, circled by a pin-like tool and shaped into 3D.

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