What tools do you need for glass cutting ?

The process of cutting glass needs precision and the right kind of tools. Most people prefer to use the oil-filled glasscutter. This type of cutter releases oil from the handle keeping it lubricated making the cutting process easy, but others like to apply the lubrication themselves for more control.
There are two handle designs for oil-filled glasscutter; the first is the pistol grip that enables glass cutting with less pressure and the regular grip with the normal straight handle. Those with weak wrists prefer to use the pistol grip. The cutting wheel is normally made from either carbide or steel. Carbide is a more durable type of steel, which is more preferred for it last longer.

Another tool used in glass cutting is the glass pliers. Due to the difficulty of glass cutting, it is best to have glass pliers with high quality to make the cutting easier and with cleaner break. This tool helps the cutting accurate and precise. There are two types of glass pliers, the drop jaw and the running pliers. Drop jaw pliers has longer lower jaw that increases the leverage while running pliers are necessary for long and curve cutting.

Glass cutting also requires oil. Before you begin cutting glass, it is best to apply oil on the part that you will be cutting. Even if you are using an oil-filled glasscutter, you still have to apply oil to the glass. Remember that the lubricant coming from the handle of the glasscutter is meant for the cutter itself. You can oil the glass using your finger or by dipping the tip of the cutter in the oil. Oil application on the glass provides a cleaner cutline. You can purchase all the tools necessary for glass cutting in any glazier supply shop. These tools come with instruction and manual that will help you cut glass more effectively.

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