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What’s the best dremmel for crafts like cutting glass?

Hi – my wife needs a cutting tool like a dremmel for crafts including cutting glass e.g cutting the bottoms off bottles – which is the best one to get – how powerful, which attachments etc.

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2 Responses to “What’s the best dremmel for crafts like cutting glass?”

  1. Diane B. said:

    I think you’re asking which “rotary tool” is best for cutting glass, etc., since Dremel is just one brand of rotary tool. Dremel makes various models of rotary tool though which do differ.
    There are other brands of rotary tools too though– e.g., Sears makes a “Craftsman” rotary tool, and Black and Decker make one too, at least.

    They differ in so many ways that you’d probably do best to ask in some kind of glass-cutting forum if that’s what she’s most interested in, but you’ll be mostly interested in the speed of the tool and the *type of bit* put into it when cutting glass (probably a cutoff wheel that can handle glass).

    But rotary tools come cordless or corded (usually more powerful), with “flex shafts” and without, with different maximum speeds and some are variable-speed, etc, and they also come alone or in kits with lots of different bits (or buy the bits separately) or with larger accessories like drill presses, etc.

    Check out some of these links for info on cutting glass with a rotary tool, different types of rotary tools and bits, etc:

  2. mike1942f said:

    Drilling holes can be done with a high speed tool and a diamond bit, but cutting the bottom off of bottles will take forever and result in broken bottles from local heating if pushed. Better to use one of these other methods for removing the bottom then use the various bits for smoothing or local shaping.


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