Baby crafts websites and I need your help?

Hello there, I need your help!
I was just wondering if any of you could suggest me good websites to look at to find some inspiration. I work for a charity office that deals with underprivileged mothers and their babies and I’m currently designing a baby clothes line that will be sold in shops and the money will be given to these mothers. I had a look on Etsy but I’d love if someone could suggest other websites to look at. Or even suggest something!

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4 Responses to “Baby crafts websites and I need your help?”

  1. Daisyhill said:

    How wonderful…did you know Ebay have an Ebay for charities section? You get a LOT of help and price reduction if you are selling for charity….have a look at their charity bit..on the home page….good luck I think that’s wonderful.

  2. [email protected] said:

    This site has some pretty cool stuff Hopefully thats the kind of thing you meant?
    Best of luck with your venture, sounds wonderful 🙂

    Give me a shout if you like and I’ll do a feature on the charity and the clothes line on here 🙂

  3. hartfordave said:

    This site has a great article on printable toddler crafts I’m not sure if it might be of any use to you or not:

  4. rebecca said:

    Hi there,

    I would suggest checking out They are great! Their monthly fee is only $5 a month and they do not charge any commission or any other kind of fee. They offer a trial period, you can register and see for your self if it works for you.

    All the best!


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