Halloween crafts to do with a 4 year old?

My daughter wants to make Halloween things. Any ideas what we can do?

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9 Responses to “Halloween crafts to do with a 4 year old?”

  1. *diamondz* said:

    carve a pumpkin!

  2. carly said:

    Make little ghosts out of paper towels and string ( around the neck of the ghost). Use M& M’s or raisins for the eyes. Then let her hang these in the bushes or in the trees.

  3. Dan said:
  4. Karen R said:

    black tissue paper and black pipe cleaners can make great spiders

  5. Kacky said:

    It’s fun to stamp, stencil and put stickers on pumpkins. You can also use straight pins to pin on leaves for hair. Have her hold the leaves while you pin.

  6. mysteryperson said:

    Have you been to the dltk website. Easy projects for Halloween.


  7. emmasnw said:

    Here are a pile of directions for halloween crafts and directions – http://www.craft-kits.net/category.html?category=halloween+crafts


  8. Karen H said:

    The site below has a lot of unique craft projects for Halloween to do with that age group. The spider craft, q-tip skeleton, ghost necklace, fabric stiffened ghost, and pumpkin puppet all look age appropriate. Have fun!



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