How can space crafts still view the sun?

How can space crafts still view the sun at night time?
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6 Responses to “How can space crafts still view the sun?”

  1. Alan said:

    Just ’cause it’s night over your house it’s not night everywhere.

    It’s night at your house when your side of the earth faces away from the sun

    The sun spacecraft (soho and Stereo) are not even near earth so are always in the sun, there is no night there

  2. gintable said:

    Because spacecrafts make their own definition of day and night.

    There is no day or night for a spacecraft with windows on all sides.

  3. William P said:

    if a spacecraft was orbiting a planet or other celestial body, and behind it, thereby experiencing “night” it wouldn’t be able to see the Sun or other star. The planet or celestial body would be occluding it. Night is a phenomena caused by an object’s rotation, causing a portion of it to not be illuminated by the sun or star. A spacecraft in space away from a planet would not experience this, beyond it’s own light and dark side. To experience “day” or “night” in a spacecraft would be a matter of looking out the left or right side of the craft (or up/down, forward/rear, depending on the craft’s orientation towards the Sun/star)

  4. Barry J said:

    there is no “night time” in space ya idjut, you either see the sun or you don’t because the path’s locked by a planet or something!

    think about things before you type them

  5. andy muso said:

    In space there is no day or night. If you are facing towards the sun then you will see it – just like on earth, during the day time the bit of earth you are on is facing the sun and during the night you are facing away from the sun.

  6. Nice_guy™ said:

    mine, thanks


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