what are some fun crafts for the holidays?

Hi I want to know what to make for the holidays,can you give me some answers?

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  1. cowcowgreenthree said:

    OK………my little sister just had a b-day party and they made ornaments,door hangers, and stockings!! They had a blast!!! You can also make collages (i think thats how you spell it), or Angels out of paper plates!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Oh yeah type in Christmas Crafts in yahoo or google’s search engine and that will give you some ideas!

  2. darkmaster said:

    make paper riendeer

  3. ~*LD*~ said:

    Making gingerbread houses was always my favorite growing up. There are some good tips and recipes at gingerbreadlane.com. It does take time to bake the dough and make the icing, but it’s so worth it when the little one’s all gather around to make their masterpieces.

  4. Lindsey said:

    ornaments, christmas/holiday cards, baking and or decorating cookies.

  5. yessi053 said:

    other thatn christmas ornaments . . .
    you can bake
    for my teachers i made then rocky road chocolate bark
    and they really liked it
    and i only took me about an hour to make 7 teeacher a box of it


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