What are the main traditional irish crafts?

I don’t just mean tourist tat, I mean genuine traditional irish crafts like… um.. well, you tell me!

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  1. Amethyst said:


  2. Chris M said:

    Waterford Crystal
    Irish Linen

  3. im irish get me outta here! said:

    celtic jewelery i suppose

  4. Orla C said:

    Sugan chairs. And my father used to make St Brigid’s crosses from grasses and reeds.

  5. avinalarf said:

    Drinking Guinness.
    *Wot – only 6 thumbs down? Disappointed.

  6. alpha said:

    Some of the traditional or ‘cottage crafts’ are;
    Wool spinning, Aran knitting,
    Linen, tweed,and crios (belt) weaving,
    Crochet and lacemaking,
    Roof thatching,
    Dry-stone wall building,
    Curragh (fishing boat) building,
    Ciseán (basket) making,
    Hurl (Sliotar) making,
    claypipe making,
    Making Bodhrans (traditional Irish drum made from goatskin) and fiddles (Irish violins),
    Pottery and glass blowing.

  7. agooddub said:

    Making rafts from used ice pop sticks.

  8. Guillaume D said:



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