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What is die cutting ?

Die cutting is widely used procedure that involves manufacturing a thousands of the same shape from different materials like plastic, metal, fabric or wood. These shapes, which are also called blanks, are usually finished and then decorated before placing them on sale. Many manufacturers worldwide use this process and sometimes create different die cut shapes that would be assembled together in producing a finished product.

Die cutting uses a sharp and uniquely shaped blade, which is bent into a shape desired by the manufacturer and mounted on a stable backing, resulting in a device known as a “die”. To use it, the materials are placed on a flat surface and the die is pressed onto it for cutting. Some die could cut into a single piece of material, while others are designed to slice up multiple layers to create several blanks.

The die itself is created meticulously because it should cut a desired material efficiently with little or no waste. While most factories that use die cutting in manufacturing items try to avoid excess materials as possible, this cannot be prevented completely; therefore, they recycle the leftovers created from die cutting. These leftovers are usually reused, melted down or reworked into various components.

The greatest example of a die is a cookie cutter, which is designed to cut out infinite numbers of blanks (or in this case, cookies). Each cookie or blank would have the same size and shape, so these cutters are best for those planning to sell their cookies since they can produce uniform cookies without having to manually cut each cookie by hand. Other examples of die cut items include plastics, keys and certain paper products, which can be snapped together.

Die cutting can only produce flat objects, so other dimensional items require different processing techniques. However, dies could be as small as a cookie cutter or as large as machines used in cutting airplane parts.

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