what is the best way to sell my crafts?

I make tapestries such as birth and wedding samplers and ordinary ones, scarfs and cards. What is the best way people have found to sell them.

On ebay I dont cover my costs, tried church fetes but they are looking for second hand goods. The craft fairs want a annual fee plus the hall fee and want to dictate the price of what I sell. I have made my own website but have found it difficult for people to trust I am an honest trader.

What do I try next?

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9 Responses to “what is the best way to sell my crafts?”

  1. Lyndsey B said:

    Have u tried car boot sales? you can put the price u want on it and people will buy what they like! plus the pitch fee is small and u could easy make that back buy selling one thing, easy! very good luck xxx

  2. chris said:

    try and get a stall at a local crafts fair or some local event

  3. xoxo said:

    Crafts other than for yourself or family is pretty much history. 20 or 30 years ago people bought other peoples crafts. But now it is even so costly for the maker it’s cheaper to buy things store made. Sorry I’ve been there, done that.

  4. Ka'De said:

    You can sell at a flea market or swap meet or yard sale or road side stand.

  5. athlete said:

    yard sale road stand

  6. [email protected] said:

    try advertising in local shops. it costs around 20p a week to put a card up. and sell your crafts at home. or print flyers and post them around the area that you live in.

  7. centralfreewolf said:

    dear honest trader…. I love honest people and the true….I’m not an expert BUT I been learning a few things in my years on line SO I suggest you to get a merchant account so you can accept credit cards and try to get help from the Better Business Bureau ..I THINK you can file an application and agreement with them related to conduct your business in a honest manner and I believe AFTER THAT they allow you to use some type of logo what can let your visitors check your merchant records ..I normally look for the Better Business Bureau logo in a web site before to buy something …the best luck to you ….. I believe that Internet can make you rich

  8. candy l said:

    eBay or set up a sign that says arts and crafts or if you are really desperate go to a store and ask to speak with the manager and ask if it is alright to sell some of you items in front of the store or in the store for a really growing business and once you get that started get it posted in the newspaper or when u can actually open up a business and and go to school to open up a professional business. i hope it helps and in return if it does help can you do me a favor and look at my question and try to find me cheat codes for my daughter because she is stuck in the that’s so raven 2 supernatural style.

  9. ryan 7 said:

    Craft Fairs are the best places to go. Flea Markets aren’t good because people who go to them expect to haggle a lower price. I saw a vendor at the last flea market I went to had handcrafted jewellery boxes for sale. He seemed miserable because he wasn’t selling anything. People who go to craft fairs usually pay more because they know the items are handcrafted.

    As for Ebay, did you try the “buy it now” with a fixed price. I hear that it works for people who don’t like to stick around to see if they won an auction and those who usually buy on impulse.


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