What rules are there for selling handmade crafts at car boot sales?

I want to supplement my income by making jewellery and bookmarks etc to sell at my local car boot. Is this allowed or is it just supposed to be old belongings that you want to get rid of? Some people sell records and stuff – do they have traders licence? Do i need one?

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3 Responses to “What rules are there for selling handmade crafts at car boot sales?”

  1. emmiewoodle said:

    when I went to a carboot sale a few years ago with a box full of cds the person collecting the money just asked me home or trade. If you are working as a business there are more legal implications.

    I’ve come across this page on the web which may be worth looking at


  2. needleworker said:

    Have you thought of selling on ebay or http://folksy.com or http://etsy.com there is also http://artfire.com which is free for the first 10-12 items.

  3. car boots said:

    It is nice to come across something worth reading. Seems like everybody is starting a blog and throwing up whatever pops into their head. Usually it does not make good sense. I am glad to see that is not the case here.


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