Where is the best place to buy children’s arts and crafts supplies on-line?

We do not have any specific places near to us that sell good quality arts and crafts supplies intended for children. We do not even have an ELC closer than 35 miles away and we really do want to increase our available arts and crafts idea offerings for our toddler. Does anyone have a suggestion for an on-line retailer who offer good prices for good quality arts and crafts supplies here in the U.K.? Low shipping costs and no need for buying in massive quantities are appreciated.

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8 Responses to “Where is the best place to buy children’s arts and crafts supplies on-line?”

  1. grandmadarcy said:

    Oriental Trading Company is the source for lots of great things! Go to OrientalTrading.com and browse for hours!

  2. Precious Gem said:

    Try looking at school supplies. You will find
    all kinds of craft/art supplies for kids.

  3. avoiding the ironing said:

    Baker Ross


    You can get them to send you a catalogue to thumb through before ordering. They take orders on-line and phone.

    Under £75 is £3.95 delivery.

    Have you a friend that you can share a delivery with?

    They sell loads more than craft supplies, there are party things and educational games etc.

    is also a good site for ideas of crafts to make. Lots can be made with sugar paper and paint.

    Also Asda have cheap ranges of craft things like wiggly eyes or cheap paper plates. No there are loads of things to do wih paper plates….

  4. fredpen said:

    Some of the ebay shops are quite good for craft items.

  5. spoontastic said:

    You can try Ebay they have loads of stuff, look for the ready made kits and try hobbycraft – they have tons of stuff there I have bought my nephew all sorts of stuff from card making kits and t shirt transfer kits – plus I get the most of my stuff there.

    If your toddler goes to nursery why not ask where they get their craft stuff from as they may be able to put you in touch with good companies.

  6. Fran said:

    http://www.abakhan-online.co.uk have got a 50% off all papercrafts at the moment.

  7. Fourcandles said:

    Bakerross are good, but they can be a little pricey.

    Are you buying as a parent? If you are part of a pre-school or youth type group ESPO are fantastic, but you do need to be in an educational type setting.

  8. Carrie Anne said:


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