How can I make a quill pen ?

It is very easy to quill pens; even a child can make this. The feathers used are mostly from turkey or goose quills. You can actually buy quills online or you can find it in craft stores. The best quills are those with wide shaft since it holds more ink. If the shafts are folded or crushed, the quill will be useless.

Once you have the quills, the first thing to do is heat-treating, which helps in building a hard feather shaft that lessens the possibility of crushing. Fill a can with sand and place it the oven at 350-375 degrees and leave it until it’s hot all the way through. Then, take it out and stick all of your quills into the entire can. Leave it until the sand cools down and the feather tips are ready for cutting.

Get a penknife or any sharp knife and cut the tip of the feather quills diagonally. You can also make other cuts, one closer to the tip, a long shallow and short and a little deeper. Now, you have a round point tip; Split the tip and curve it with fingernail slivers to overstate the quill point.

A dark and thick ink will be finish off your quill pen. You can use any ink for dip-pens but make sure not to use ink that is too thick since it might glob on the nib, which may result blobs while you write. You can also make your own ink using a Chinese ink and Grindstone as in calligraphy.

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