How can I make my own candy wreath ?

There are many way to make a candy wreath in short amount of time without too much expense. Furthermore, making candy wreath makes great homemade holiday giveaways and can be a lot of fun. Even if the normal candy wreath is made out of  wire frames wrapped with hard candies, your finished product can be very elegant and glamorous if your choose the candies and ornaments carefully.

One of the ideas in giving a candy wreath an elegant look is sticking on to a color scheme. For instance, for chocolate and coffee lovers, you can make the flavors that go with wrappers using the shades of gold and brown. There are many candies available out there, which you can all use; however, make sure that the flavors and colors are the same. For an astonishing finish, you can add ribbon on the lower edge of the wreath.

In order to make a nice gift for someone who loves salt taffy, you can create a candy wreath with a ribbon and a bow in accordance with those vague pastel taffy colors. A ribbon with a sparkling finish might be a nice touch to this kind of candy wreath. Don’t hesitate to bring out your creativity in making candy wreath. For instance, if you plan to make wreath with lollipops with a hard candy tied on the same place on the lollipop stick, the finished candy wreath may be quite interesting if the sticks all exude outward.

Most people use wire coat hangers and a pair of cutters to make candy wreath. However, you can also buy metal wreath. It is best to use wire coat hanger for it will give you more control on your design. You can make different size of wire circles, which you can top off from each other to create a multi-layered wreath.

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