How do I cut crown moldings ?

Crown moldings are the decorative trims typically used in covering seams where walls and ceilings meet. Also known as sprung cove moldings, these crown moldings are available in various styles and designs. However, the process of cutting crown moldings is usually tricky because these moldings are awkwardly shaped. As such, it is important to cut precisely to achieve in creating a perfect final product.

Cutting crown moldings can be done easily with planning and the right tools. Different types of saws are able to cut crown moldings, but experts recommend using the miter saw, such as a hand miter box or power miter saw, to create moldings correctly. Make sure to keep the width of your molding in mind when choosing the saw to use, because you need a saw that is capable of extending beyond your desired width of molding.

The first step in cutting crown molding involves measuring the wall and molding pieces as precisely as possible. The next thing to do is to set the molding against the saw properly. The wall side edge of your molding should be pressed firmly against the saw’s back fence, while the ceiling side should be set against the saw’s base. Be aware that improperly fitted moldings can cause cuts that are not aligned.  Make straight cuts carefully while keeping the molding seated against the fence throughout the whole process.

The length of the crown moldings should be able to cover your wall completely. However, if you have longer walls, which cannot be covered by traditional molding strips bought in stores, you can use multiple molding pieces for your wall. To create the joint between two molding pieces, align the two pieces at 45-degree angles to hide the glue line where the two pieces meet.

After cutting the molding, you can now install the pieces using small nails. Crown moldings are then glued together at the joints. If this is your first time to cut crown molding, you can use scrap molding to experiment or practice the appropriate technique. Staff in your local home improvement stores could also help you decide which technique is best for your existing walls.

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