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How much discount should you give to friends when selling handmade crafts?

I know someone who wants to sell their crafts and start a business but isn’t sure what percentage discount is right to offer friends, family and colleagues. To give the items away fro free would scupper the business before it starts! But to charge full price seems wrong. Is there a standard percentage discount that is generally considered reasonable? Are the percentages for friends, family and colleagues different?

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4 Responses to “How much discount should you give to friends when selling handmade crafts?”

  1. sometime.september said:

    I don’t think it seems wrong to charge full price, but if a discount is really necessary, I’d do a 10%-20% discount.

  2. FaZizzle said:

    Why would it be wrong to charge full price? Who exactly is this person going to sell it – complete strangers? If she’s just getting started, there’s no reason why she can’t just put the prices low for everyone and not give her friends and family a discount. That’s just silly!

  3. milly.milltown said:

    Friends and Family should be the MOST understanding about how hard it is to get a company off the ground. They shouldn’t expect a discount, at least not right away, and the entrepreneur shouldn’t feel obligated to give a discount right away. Why not wait and offer a 10-15% discount after the company is established and they can afford to give things away for less? Seems to me like offering the discount right away to the people who should be willing to pay full price (family and friends who understand the new business situation) would be counter-productive.

  4. Tinker Baybehh. :]] said:

    20% off , buht i wld keep it a secret other wise every1 will try to be friends with him/her

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